Getting Started with the DE Science Techbook
Looking for ideas on how to use the Discovery Education Science Techbook? Need a little help getting started? Want to know how others are using it in their classrooms? Visit the Techbook Getting Started page here. In addition, here are six ways to enrich your techbook experience:

1. Attend a FREE Techbook Webinar
Webinars are hosted every week on such topics as Getting Started and What Does it Look Like in My Classroom? Click here to see a complete list of these awesome learning opportunities. It's easy to do. Register, then on the night of the webinar click the webinar link in your registration email, sit back, relax and let us share with you great ideas for using the Discovery Education Science Techbook.

2. Visit our Science Blog
The Discovery Education Science Blog has regular posts with hints and tips about everything having to do with teaching science with digital media.
Click here to check it out!

3. Spend some time in the HELP section
When logged into the Discovery Education Science Techbook take a look in the upper right hand corner. Click on the word "Help" to access tons of information. Click on the title of any Help Topic and you will find a step by step tutorial on subjects like Assigning Content to Students or The 5E Instructional Model. Click here to go directly to the DE Science Techbook How To Page in the Help Section.

4. Visit the Professional Development Center
Just to the right of the Teacher Center link you will find a link that takes you to the Professional Development Center. Here you will find resources such as Tech Talk, Best Practices and a complete list of 5 Minute Preps. Click here to visit the Professional Development Center.

5. Check out Mr. Lance's Classroom
The Discovery Education Science Techbook team has created a series of videos showcasing how a model lesson in the classroom might look. These videos will give you lots of ideas about things such as whole group instruction, setting up learning stations and sending home "digital" homework.
Click here to view the Mr. Lance's Classroom video.

6. View the Discovery Education Science Techbook YouTube Channel
Visit the Discovery Education Science Techbook YouTube channel for webinar archives, training videos and more. Click here to get started.